Sergey Petrossov Interview

Sergey Petrossov is a successful businessman and entrepreneur. Since JetSmarter's launch in 2013, the company has focused on making the booking process as easy as possible — JetSmarter is often compared with Uber for how easy it is to book — and democratizing private aviation by making it more affordable and accessible.
Starting out, I was unsure of how we could infiltrate our target market and how accessible we could make this service, but in 2012, I spoke to the carriers I had established relationships with and discussed how large of an impact an app to charter a private plane would have on the industry.

There are around 18,000 jets across the globe, so this adds up to millions of underutilized paid hours The marketplace that Sergey Petrossov has created helps to decrease the underutilized hours and create product lines with the ability to book and entire jet or just one seat.
Once Sergey Petrossov received additional funding by working with hundreds of vendors, he officially launched the JetSmarter app to the public JetSmarter's technology along with management and advisory teams have more than 100 years of experience to the table.

A few friends had introduced him to private jets, and he started asking questions, as he puts it, about how the heck this industry was run.” His big idea was to apply the Uber model to private jets, which spent too much time grounded or flying empty.
Marketing has long been atop the list of priorities for successful companies, and that's even truer now given the digital landscape JetSmarter exists in, which is full of advertising channels and opportunities to connect directly with the consumer base.
After developing an app, his vision to create more private flights was practical. Intrigued and determined to find a way to make the private flight experience much more convenient, he started researching the industry and formulating solutions. I co-founded two IT projects prior to JetSmarter: an online chat system for website customer service, and a distance-learning platform for Russian speaking educational institutions.

I also believe that operational costs will significantly decrease due to hybrid electric aircraft, and with proper sharing technologies (JetSmarter app) private Sergey Petrossov Miami, Florida. aviation will be priced at a level accessible to the masses. PS: We are continuously expanding our services and enhancing our JetDeal and JetShuttle offerings.
What began as an idea in 2012 has now become the world's largest private aviation travel and lifestyle community. The fundamental idea behind JetSmarter came to me sometime in 2009, when I realized that the average airplane is only flying about 200 hours a year when they could be flying close to 1,200 hours.

Petrossov was introduced to technology and computer science while enrolled at the University of Florida. Then, in early 2017, Gennady Barsky, JetSmarter's president was arrested and charged with grand theft. Having worked in IT before, I wondered whether these could be addressed with technology, and the owner assured me that this business is relationship-driven because people like to talk on the phone.
He sold the company when he graduated and pocketed some cash †enough so he could afford to charter jets for fun with friends. While the world of private jets is nothing new, the JetSmarter method is. People are used to calling someone and booking a private charter by signing physical papers.

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