Does your dog have a birthday coming up? He eats my socks, he attempts to eat the cat, he nips, jumps and does everything that a belligerent, energetic, puppy likes to do. And he must love to hear the words "bad dog" because when I say it he repeats all the things that got him in trouble to begin with.This human tendency is meat to the politicians … Read More

Apple recently surprised the market with its new iPod video, also know as the last generation of iPods. Such large eating windows disrupt the body's circadian rhythm and weaken organs, including the gut, liver, muscle, heart, kidney and lungs, making it harder to fight an infection Conversely, animal and human studies are increasingly showing that … Read More

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Since every other business known to man has moved their business out onto the internet it should have come as no surprise when the pharmaceutical companies decided to do the same. The Food and Drug Administration actually calls the choice to use supplements "a wise decision that provides health benefits ," but it does acknowledge that supplements c… Read More

Moving to an apartment, house, or office in Los Angeles isn't like moving in most other cities in the U.S. Everywhere in the country, movers ask four key questions to estimate the cost of your move. Then they are often unable to stick with such drastic measures and give up, feeling defeated." As an alternative, Crozier recommends starting with smal… Read More