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Gloria has a special focus on not only treating your current presentations but more on future prevention and health enhancement though managing your wellbeing and lifestyle. Mr Song focuses on the areas including Migraines, Frozen Shoulder, Back Pain, Sciatica, Sports Injury, Facial Paralysis. Insomnia, Sleep Disorder, Anxiety, Depression, Smoke-quit, Weight Loss, Wellness. Graduated from Liaoning Chinese Medicine University, and later granted with titles including Professor, Chief Physician and Mentorship for Master Candidates in China while served in the affiliated hospitals of Liaoning Chinese Medicine University. Australian CMBA Registered Chinese Herbal Medicine Practitioner and Acupuncturist .Wang obtained his Western Medicine degree in China and his Chinese medicine degree from RMIT. Graduated from the NSW College of Natural Therapy in Traditional Chinese Medicine, Ping continued further clinical training in the TCM Department of Hang Zhou Red-Cross Hospital in China.He served as a tutor at the University of Western Sydney on Chinese Herbal Medicine, as well acting as the Clinic Supervisor at the NSW College of TCM.
Graduated from Changchun University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Hao was a chief physician and TCM practitioner at Department of pain rehabilitation physiotherapy in Jilin Province Brain Hospital of traditional Chinese medicine, China. He accumulated extensive clinical experience on Acupuncture and Chinese Herbal Medicine, and its integration with Western medicine over the past 40 years. Australia registered Chinese Medicine Practitioner 针灸 , Acupuncturist and Remedial Massage Therapist , After graduated from Fujian University of Traditional Chinese Medicine with his Bachelor degree of Chinese Internal Medicine and Master of Acupuncture, He worked in the Fujian University of Traditional Chinese Medicine Affiliated Rehabilitation Hospital, a well-known Rehabilitation Hospital in FUJIAN. Bing’s Natural Health is one of the famous Traditional Chinese Medicine Clinics in Melbourne.

As a Chinese medicine classics expertise, Lao graduated from Guangzhou Chinese Medicine School in mid-70’s last century and then systematically studied the Chinese medicine classic “Shang Han Lun” followed by a five years continued learning from the famous Jingfang master Dr Huang Shipei, a visiting professor at Nanjing University of Traditional Chinese Medicine. She used to be the chief TCM physician of Guangzhou Fu Ai Hospital. With more than 40 years of clinical experience in Chinese medicine. Lao is an Australian registered Chinese medicine practitioner, registered acupuncturist, and a full member of the Chinese Medical and Acupuncture Societies Association . The scope of service includes internal and external, women, and children.
In electroporeal shockwave therapy is used for the treatment of tendon injuries .Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation is used to relief pain in soft tissues injuries such as arthritis, low back pain, nerve related pain .Interferential therapy uses two high frequency currents, which are sent together through the skin at the same time. This application is used to treat pain relief, muscle stimulation, enhancing local blood flow, and reduction of oedema. Myhealth is Australia's fastest growing medical centre group providing an exceptional experience for all patients, doctors and staff.

Also including the area of Acupuncture treating insomnia, depression, frozen shoulder, cervical-shoulder syndrome, cerebrovascular accident and post-stroke management. Melbourne Acupuncture and Wellness Centre provides gentle acupuncture and effective Chinese herbal medicines to improve wellbeing. They possess over ten years of experience and are registered with the Chinese Medicine Board of Australia.
Our practitioners, Dr. Meredith O’Loughlan and Dr. Linghan Bai have special interests in areas of fertility, women’s health, digestive, autoimmune disease and pain management. Australian CMBA Registered Acupuncturist & Chinese Herbal Medicine Practitioner. Ms Li also has special interesting on the application of Acupuncture, Moxabustion in general beauty therapy and weight management. With great passion and interest in TCM since childhood, Xiao gained her clinical experience from different famous old physicians in China’s AAA grade hospitals and insight in incorporating western medicine interventions with Chinese medicine treatment. With over 30 years of Chinese medicine clinical practice and beauty therapy experience, Feng has been recognised as a Chief Treating Physician in Chinese medicine beauty therapy by Hubei provincial health authorities.

Served as a medical doctor in Jinan’s People’s Hospital of China for more than 10 years, Tian relocated and settled down in Australia, and devoted herself in the study and trainings in traditional Chinese medicine while she gained her local experience from the local hospital as a registered nurse for more than 10 years. Coupled with many years of clinical experience in western medicine and the knowledge of Chinese medicine, she has accumulated comprehensive and systematic skills to understand and assess various diseases via different perspectives to help customers with multiple and holistic techniques including Chinese herbal medicine, acupuncture, and cupping therapies. Private health insurance rebate may apply for eligible members. Woolloongabba clinic is committed to deliver latest therapeutic exercise, medicine, and acupuncture to the patients with sports injury. Our Woolloongabba clinic has Woolloongabba number of doctors, massage therapists, and Woolloongabba number of acupuncturists.
He has a fellowship of The Royal Australian College of General Practitioners and is experienced in all aspects of General Practice. He has a fellowship of The Royal Australian College of General Practiitioners and is a fellow of ACRRM and The Australian College of Tropical Medicine and a fellow of The Australian Faculty of travel Medicine . His areas of interest include Occupational Medicine, Nutritional Medicine, Diabetes, Counselling, Mens’ Health, Cancer Treatment and other medical issues. He trained in sports medicine at the royal London Hospital Medical College, London, Diving Medicine at the Royal New Zealand Naval Base, Devenport and General Practice training in New Lynn, Auckland for over eight years. Dr Henare is a graduate of University of Otago, New Zealand with post graduate training in musculo-skeletal medicine and general practice.
We pride ourselves in offering a friendly, convenient, accessible and professional service to all our patients in the Burleigh Waters and Burleigh Heads area. Registered with Chinese Medicine Board of Australia as an Acupuncturist & Chinese Herbal Medicine Practitioner. He studied at Guangzhou College of Traditional Chinese Medicine China from 1971 to 1973; and then continued his further education at Guangzhou Zhongshan Medical College till graduation.

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