Avoid Service of Process

It is useful to collect together documents relevant to both partners’ finances and property. If you are planning to leave the home, get copies of statements, which show bank account numbers, superannuation figures, membership numbers etc for both of you. Any letter should outline the matters in dispute, the steps that have been taking to resolve the matter, the required solution and a timeframe for this to occur.
There is a four step process for working out what percentage of the property each of you should get. As a first step, subcontractors in the construction industry are advised Avoid Service of Process to check their contract for a dispute resolution clause. If there is one, the stated processes must be followed otherwise you could be technically breaching the contract.

It’s usually best to make your claim in the lowest level court that can decide on your case. It will be matter for the Trial Judge to decide whether you can take mobile phones, laptops, IPads and other communication devices into the jury room. The Trial Judge will normally give a direction on the issue at the start of the trial. Neat comfortable clothes are appropriate for jury service. The Federal Court of Australia has courts in every Australian capital city.
An Enforcement Hearing Subpoena (form 2.51) must be served personally. This means that it can only be left with the Enforcement Debtor and cannot be left with anyone else. So far so good – these are provided in the Family Court “Service Kit” with instructions. The Defendant is protected by the Plaintiff having to take specific steps to ensure that they are served and aware of the proceedings.

If you have any questions or would like to seek help to resolve a business dispute, our specialist business advisers can help. We have developed a sample letter of demand for recovering a debt and a letter of complaint for other matters. You can download the sample letters and tailor them in relation to your dispute. Look for a ‘win-win’ solution that restores your business relationship.
These services are usually cheaper and less stressful than going to court. If you are still unable to resolve the dispute after talking and writing to the other party you may need to seek assistance from a third party. Consider how achieving a particular solution will impact on your business particularly in terms of time, money and future working relationships. There are key steps you can follow to handle an issue that is causing conflict and protect your business relationships.
For most people, going to court is the least preferred way to resolve a dispute. It's often best to try other dispute resolution options first. However, if alternative dispute resolution is inappropriate for your circumstances, a court or tribunal decision may provide you with a definite outcome. You must, however, never use a mobile phone or other communication device to discuss details of the trial with anyone who is outside the jury room or to conduct your own research into issues raised by the trial.

The summons will state where you should go and what time you should arrive. If you receive a questionnaire, you should complete it and return it to the Federal Court of Australia by the date specified in the questionnaire. Our office has experienced staff able to attend Examination Hearings to all courts between Caloundra and Noosa. Book an initial complimentary consultation to discuss your financial needs and you will receive practical business, tax, and financial advice.
De facto couples have two years from the date of separation to work out their property settlement. Our free dispute resolution service can help you resolve a dispute with another business or a government department. Make sure the person you are talking to has the authority to settle the dispute. Sometimes minor issues can be handled with a phone call while other more complex matters are best dealt with face-to-face.

Generally speaking, these types of documents are required to be served personally. Personal service involves serving the relevant document on an individual. “Service” of a document is the process of making sure that any person who is required to be given a copy of a legal document is given it in a way which complies with the relevant legal rules. This may be appropriate if the respondent is deliberately avoiding service.
Service is the legal term to describe the giving of court documents by one person to another. The Magistrates’ Court must be satisfied the other person has received documents in the correct way. Some states and territories, such as the Australian Capital Territory, Queensland, Victoria and Western Australia, have civil and administrative tribunals.

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