Kids Car Beds Australia

This range features a plethora of designs to accommodate the interests of any child. They are created with the utmost care and attention to detail to replicate a vehicle. Reap the benefits of online shopping and avoid the timely process of furniture shopping. Have the bed shipped to your home in a short amount of time. We love speaking with our customers and are happy to discuss ideas for your home and what kind of beds or furniture are best for your family. Similarly, children who slept in cribs eventually need to transition to a bed.
At bedtime it can be difficult to get a young child into bed. When you combine a bed with a toy it can make this job ten times easier. This range of kids car beds feature many vehicles designs including a fire engine, a race car, and a princess race car. Not only do they look aesthetically pleasing to children bunk beds au and enhance a bedroom, they are safer to sleep in. Unlike standard single bed frames, these styles feature walls on the side to prevent your little one from taking a tumble. This range of products feature astonishing price reductions, as our mission is to provide the most affordable prices in Australia.

Browse our selection today and you are bound to find something to suit your child. If your child generally wants attention when it’s time to sleep, a racing car toddler bed in Australia may help everyone get a better night’s sleep. With our great selection of kids car beds, your little one will enjoy sleeping in a racecar, or he can even play pretend and be a fireman every night with our fire engine bed. With so many ways to be creative in getting them to go to sleep, your kids will enjoy the fantasy of racing cars! There is always a piece that can make your child’s room into the dream space that you desire. Families who have let their toddlers share the bed with mum and dad often experience a bit of a struggle when transitioning the child to his or her own bed. These families can use stuffed animals to provide a helpful sleep aid and racing car beds transform the room even more into the child’s personal space.

As kids grow up quick, furniture does not receive its full use. That is why we believe you shouldn’t be spending too much on kids’ furniture.

Comes with bight colour, low ground and high sides which prevent your child from falling out. at competitive price that you can purchase from anywhere in Australia. We have a broad collection that will go well your budget and fulfill your requirement.
The crib provided the stability and security of protective bars along all sides of the base. Standard beds are open on either side, which increases the possibility of the child rolling during sleep and falling to the ground.

Some children are even comforted by the bars around the crib, so sleeping without a border can be uncomfortable or even frightening. The sides of a race car bed rise a few inches, offering your child an intermediary between a crib and a standard bed. When you buy beds from us, you’re buying comfort and peace for your children. There’s no better investment than their future, and when they sleep calmly, you also get a longer night’s rest. We have a broad selection of beds, furniture, mattresses, and more, all designed for kids to safely enjoy. Over the years, we’ve listened to feedback from our customers and have continually expanded our inventory while maintaining or increasing the quality of what we offer. For many people, getting car beds in Australia is among the classic moments of childhood.

Our kids car bed is made from solid hardwood MDF and the effects on the bed are stunning. It would be a perfect gift to pamper your little one and also an excellent kids bedroom decoration. And also if your baby is too young, you can choose kids bed with fence, and thus baby will not drop down. Something attractive, enticing, funny and unique items in various color combinations are the basic need of any house where kids and babies are in growing phase.
You can also visit our showroom in Brisbane to see how the beds look in person. We know how important it is for a child to feel comfortable in their bed, especially for those little ones who no longer can fit into a cot. We follow strict quality standards and ensure that all our products meet advanced child safety standards. If the bed frame has strange and pungent smelling, cannot be bought. Great product easy to assemble recommend this bed frame to anyone.

Providing them the best quality sleeping in safe way and in a bed that looks like a toy is certainly a good way of increasing their excitement and curiosity. We have more than 15 years’ experience as a source for excellent kids’ furniture. The past decade and a half have seen us expand operations and extend our service across Australia.

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