Furniture Shopping In Hong Kong

Whether you're decorating for a small space or large, we offer a curated selection of some of the most beautiful furniture Hong Kong. We have the capacity to send all home or office furniture items from TV units, office desk and chair, cots and bedside tables, to much larger items including three-piece suites, bulky wardrobes, king size beds, dining room sets, garden furniture and everything in-between.
TREE has been bringing sustainably stylish furniture and naturally beautiful finishing touches to Hong Kong homes for more than a decade. 家具 HKF&DA is a non-profit organization with the longest history in and most representative of the Hong Kong furniture industry.
It's a question that runs through the second edition of the International Design Furniture Fair Hong Kong (IDFFHK), which takes place from August 25 to 27. Though the fair started in 2015 as a showcase for designer furniture, its second edition expands its focus beyond high-end brands like Knoll and Baccarat, thanks to 19 talks and five conceptual exhibitions.

The expression originates from the renowned TV drama Below the Lion Rock, which focused on the lives of grassroots Hongkongers, and 10cc curator Patrick Leung, founder of PAL Design Group, says it's the perfect vehicle for exploring a local design sensibility.
Finest is a reputed name amongst top Hong Kong furniture shops. In the children's furniture market, domestic brands account for the lion's share. Thus ensuring the products we offer today are of the highest quality, sympathetic to the original. If you are furnishing a home in Hong Kong, our relocation guide helps you to find the best homeware, furniture and decoration stores.

If you are shopping for furniture in Hong Kong and need a helping hand in finding the best furniture stores in Hong Kong for your needs then you're in the right place. With full range of event items which separated into categories including chairs, stools, sofas, tables, illuminated items, AV items and Marquees, we are able to serve all scales of event, from few items rental to the largest projects in the region.
Rosewood is a type of quality hardwood; furniture made of such material is generally regarded as superior, with mahogany now the most popular type of rosewood in the market. Available in ever more variety, outdoor furniture mainly falls under the following categories: beach beds, rattan chairs, leisure chairs, bamboo chairs, and other outdoor furniture items.
OVO, with three locations in Hong Kong, is more than a furniture store, as they are also provide interior design, along with furniture and art consultancy services. At the heart of Liaigre's design philosophy is the unique symbiosis of its interior architecture services and furniture production, in so much that its collections are inspired by the needs of spatial design of past and upcoming projects.

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