Black Thorn Durian

Black Thorn Durian is presently the king of durians. This durian shop out on East Coast Road carries a wide variety of the king of fruits, even kampung durians at $8. For now, MSW, Black Thorn and Golden Phoenix durians are priced at $17 per kg and you can get Green Bamboo and Black Pearl durians at $12 per kg. It plans on bring in different varieties once they come into season so keep your eyes peeled.
Some of Chong's prized trees died off completely, exhausted from excessive flowering and then aborted fruiting. However, it tasted sweet and fruity, with almost an artificial strawberry ice cream flavor. Malaysia famous king of fruits d24 durian on grey background.

Studies show that when small farmers shift from owning one to three hectares from the cultivation of low value crops like rice and corn to modern durian production practices including the planting of Musang King, the standard of living of farmers is pulled out from poverty into the middle class and above.
The D2, known as Dato Nina is one of the earliest durians to be registered (1934) It used to be quite popular in the eighties, but nowadays it has fallen out of favour because it is not a fleshy durian and it is a quite difficult fruit to open despite its thin husk.

Get your fix for cheap with D13 durians priced at three for $10 or $5. If it's the premium stuff you're after, MSW durians are priced at $15 per kg, Golden Phoenix at $18 per kg and the rare Hulu King at $22 per kg. Beyond durian, you are also able to browse their wide array of other fresh fruits as well.
The ripened ovary then becomes the durian fruit and the remnants of the pistil become the black thorn” at the apex of the fruit. The durian fruit can hang from any branch, and matures roughly three months after pollination The fruit can grow up to 30 centimetres (12 in) long and 15 centimetres (6 in) in diameter, and typically weighs one to three kilograms (2 to 7 lb).
Black Thorn, runner up in 2011 and was awarded Durian Champion in 2012. A durian tree requires four to five years to start fruiting, but it is only in the sixth to seventh year that it starts to produce quality harvest. He also said that FAMA would visit China next month to promote Malaysian fruits especially durians.

The new round-shaped Durian Black Thorn tree is only 25 years old, with average weight of each fruit going between 2.5kg and 3kg. The flesh is thick, deep yellow, sweet and creamy and not pastey so it is quite light on the palate. MUSANG KING aka Mao San Wang Durian is also another hit with many durian lovers for its heavenly fragrant smell and super creamy texture that melts in your mouth.
Has a bittersweet, rich and creamy taste. Of course, we tasted other durian variety such as Musang King and Durian Kampung. According to 99 Old Trees , you should check for dryness of the stem and large cracks (hairline cracks are normal!), as these are usually indicators that the durian is old.

I tell all this to the group as I line up three more durians for them to taste. The taste is in between of Musang King and XO durian variety. He planted kampung durians and only started planting D24 and 101 durians later on. Two of the top variants, the Musang King & Black Thorn Durians are in town.
The flesh is dry, sticky and sweet bitter to taste. Woon says he was not surprised by the amount, as due to popular demand the price of Black Thorns has shot up in the past two months to between RM85 and RM120 per kg, depending on where they are sourced from.

Black Thorn became so popular till the extent that it had a waiting list every season, usually in late July or early August. The D24 Sultan used to be the most popular cultivar before it was dethroned by the Musang King. I love all durians and am not fussy about variety.

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